Deepak Chopra
Holistic Health and New Age Guru
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"My wife and I frequently travel the world and I can honestly say Golden Moon Tea has some of the most exquisite teas I have ever tasted. Listen to the Owner, Marcus Stout, he knows his stuff."

Bigger Leaves for Bigger Flavor

Golden Moon Tea only uses large, full tea leaves. Other teashops use small, brittle leaves that can dry out quickly. Our leage leaves never dry out giving you a cup of tea that is unmatched in quality. 

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Help the Body Detox Naturally with Tea

Our Detox Blend was created with ayurvedic and chinese principals to help keep your customers feeling their best

Our Detox Blend Tastes Delicious
Lively peppermint, tangy citrus and spicy ginger give this a wonderful flavor.

Easy to Serve
Make a enough for the entire day in just minutes.

Contains Proven Herbs
Each ingredient was specifically chosen to synergistically cleanse the body of impurities.

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